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Nächster Termin:
01.06.2009 Orlög-Party im Duncker-Club Berlin (Vertretung für DJ Orlög)

Vorraussichtlicher Termin:
(Datum steht noch nicht fest)
Memories Unchained, VCF, Berlin

DJ-Jobs in Berlin (Klick mich!)
-Station to station-



Die Gewölbe

-All Our Yesterdays-

Thule Klub

-All Our Yesterdays-


-Orlög Party-


-After the sunset-


-Trashcave Festival 2006-

RAW Tempel

-Hinter'm Mond-

Eingang 28

-Angel in Bondage-


-Sentimentale Jugend-


-Gothic Rock and more...-

Last Cathedral

-Erotic Funernal-
Type O Negative-Aftershow Party

Silver Wings

La Cassa Del Kid-Aftershow Party

Oxident EventBar

DJ-Jobs ausserhalb (Klick mich!)
Leipzig (Im Rahmens Des WGT)

Culture Club










La Grange

Uhingen (Bei Göppingen)

Projekt F

Aalen (Reincarnation)


Ulm (Reptile House)

Cat Café








Titty Twister

Stetten am Kalten Markt



Eselsburg Burgfestival

(Rooten Roots)


Bregenz (Austria)


(Special Verkaufsevent von Särgen)

Grave Diggers Heaven





...dat is alles, was noch in Erinnerung geblieben ist...

Hier könnt ihr ein paar Playlisten vergangener Tage einsehen. Ich habe schon ewig nicht mehr mitgeschrieben und musste deshalb auf Ältere zurückgreifen ;-).

Einfach auf den jeweiligen Button klicken!

Best of Berlin Goth '06
Alphaville – Sounds like a melody
Another Tale – Frozen eyes
The Mission – Breath me in
Behind the Scenes – My star
All Gone Dead –The holy city of kanala
The Cure – Just like heaven
The Last Days Of Jesus – Pet sematary
Killer Babies & Bela B. – Candy
Paralysed Age – Nocturne
The Sisters Of Mercy – Logic
Pink Turns Blue – Walking on both side
Peter Murphy – Cuts you up
Dreadful Shadows – True Faith
The Cult – Spirit walker
Brotherhood Of Pagan – Resurrection
Malaise – The killing words
Rosetta Stones – Is this wrong
Echo & The Bunnymen – Killing moon (w)
Philip Boa And The Voodoo Club – I don't need you summer (w)
Girls Under Glass – Never go
Andi Sex Gang & Marc Almond – The hungry years
Happy Cadavers – Diane
A Spell Inside – White cold
Switchblade Symphony – Witches
Super Heroines – Children of the night
X-Mal Deutschland – Mondlicht (w)
Dies Natalies – Angel of Babylon (w)
Current 93 – O cold black Smith
Dave Ball – Sincerity
Monte Cazazza – Sex eyes from hell
Exedra – Disco for death

KFC – Wie lange noch?
X-Mal Deutschland – Polarlicht
Alien Sex Find – Ignore the machine (live)
The Cure – Killing an arab (live)
Editors – Munich
ASP – Fly...
Toktok VS Soffy O. – Missy queen (Org.)
Swayzak – I dance alone
Jeans Team – Keine Melodie
Berlin Express – Die Russen kommen
Malaria – KKW
Bauhaus – Stigmata
Moloko – Fields of war
A Flock Of Seagulls – I ran
Neon Judgement – TV treated
ABC – Love at first sight
Snowy Red – Never alive
The Cure – Upstairs room
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Spellbound (12")
All Gone Dead – Newspeak

The Deep Eynde – Hoodoo
Frustration – Vice
SigloXX – Obsession
Tuxedomoon – No tears (w)
Charles de Goal – Klingklang
Comix – Touche pas mon sex
Stratis – Herzlos
Haus Arafna – He colored me blind
Blackhouse – Answers for you
Skinny Puppy – Toomentor
Fad Gadget – Lady shave
The Sisters Of Mercy – First and last and always
Joy Division – Transmission
Interpol – Evil
Sonic Youth – Tanic
Chrom – In a dream
Mephisto Walz – Tangia
Christian Death – Romeo's distress
Bauhaus – Lagatija Nick
X-Mal Deutschland – Reigen
The Wake – Slideshow

The Cure – Cold
Pink Turns Blue – Seven years
OMD – Almost
Helge Schneider – Der Meisenmann
Lane Lovich – Birdsong
Frank The Baptist – Signing off
The Murder At The Registry – The stolen photograph
Plastic Bertrand – Ca plane pour moi
The Stranglers – No more heroes
Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative ...
The Damned – Street of dreams

Martha & The Muffins – Echo beach
Tones On Tail – Go
Neon Judgement – TV Treated
Clan Of Xymox – Stranger
Front 242 – Take one
Nitzer Ebb – Isn't it funny
The Invincible Limit – Provoke you
Spandau Ballet – To cut a long story short

Utravox – New Europeans
Pete Sheuer – Homosapiens
Kate Bush – Hounds of love
Talk Talk – Life's what you make it
Sally Timms – This house is a house of troubles
Bolshoi – A way
The Smiths – There is a light...

She Wants Revange – Out of control
Carter USM – Rent
The Timelords – Doctorin' the tardis
Vive La Fete – Noir desir
Chemical Brothers – The test
PIL – The order of death

Love Like Blood – Heroes
David Bowie – Suffragette city
Cuddy Boys – Madman
Killing Joke – 80's
Leather Nun – I can smell your thoughts
The Cardiacs – Is this life
Chameleons – 2nd sun
The Cure – 13th
Propaganda – P-Machinery
Human League – Secons
Cabaret Voltaire – Do the Mussolini
Throbbing Cristle – Something come over me
DAF – Kebab Träume
Soft Cell – Numbers
A Flock Of Seagulls – (It's not me) talking
Fields Of The Nephilim – Laura
Christian Death – For the ...
Vendemmian – This bleeding heart
Lords – New Church
Corpus Delicti – Saraband
The Sisters Of Mercy – Emma

Dreadful Shadows – Twist in my subriaty (W)
Christian Death – Electra descending (W)
Land Of Passion – Circle of pain (W)
David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes (W)
Themes from "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Duncker '09
"Duncker Orlög-Party", 01.06.2009
1. Paul Roland - Wyndham Hill
2. Legendary Pink Dots - I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty
3. Canticum Funebris - (If I Had) Wings
4. Ordo Equitum Solis - Playing With Fire
5. Tori Amos - Crucify
6. Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost
7. Blumfeld - Der Wind
8. Shadow Project - By God
9. Gitane Demone - Tales Of Innocence (Live)
10. Swans Of Avon - A Kiss Of A Windflowers
11. Björk - Pagan Poetry
12. Nick Cave And The Bad Sheeds - Henry Lee
13. Faith & The Muse - Elyria
14. The Cure - Picture Of You
15. The Sisterhood - Giving Ground
16. Pink Turns Blue - Last Day On Earth
17. Love Like Blood - Out Of Sight
18. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Fireworks
19. Danielle Dax - Fizzin’ Human Bombs
20. Deep Eynde - Hoodoo
21. Lords Of The New Church - Holy War
22. The Cult - Rain
23. Iggy Pop - Candy
24. Chameleons UK - Paper Tiger
25. X-Ray Spex - Identity
26. The Jesus And Mary Jane - Happy When It Rains
27. The Arts And Decay - Mescal
28. Skeletal Family - So Sure
29. Fallen Appart - Great King
30. Charles De Goal - Exposition
31. Los Iniciatós - Soy El Vacio
32. Gun Club - Sexbeat
33. Alien Skull Paint - Fly With Me
34. Snowy Red - Euroshima Wardance
35. Sexbeat - Sexbeat
36. For Against - Amen Yves
37. Ruth - Polaroid Roman Photo
38. Shock Therapy - Wanna Be You Dog
39. David Bowie - Cat People
40. Peter Murphy - Keep My From Harm
41. Simple Minds - Don’t you
42. Necrophilistic Anodyne - Secrurity
43. Soft Cell - Martin
44. She Want Revenge - These Things
45. Ghost Dance - When I Call
46. The Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection
47. Lields Of The Nephilim - Summerland (Live)
48. The Cure - A Forest
49. Super Heroins - Children Of The Night
50. Jad Wio - Cellar Dance
51. Mighty Sphincter - In The Kindom Of Heaven
52. Dance Society - We’re So Happy
53. Play Dead - The Side Of Heaven
54. H-Bomb White Noise - Modern Destroy
55. Shadow Project - Nightstalker
56. Christian Death - Romeos Distress
57. Joy Divison - Warsaw
58. Vibrators - Disco In Moscow
59. The Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
60. Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia
61. UK Subs - Down On The Earth
62. Fliehende Stürme - Trümmergemüt
63. The Damned - New Rose
64. The Cult - Fire Woman
65. Iggy Pop - Cry For Love
66. P.I.L. - Rise
67. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
68. New Model Army - Vagabonds
69. Morrissey - First In The Gang To Die
70. Placebo - Bitter End
71. Editors - An End Has A Start
72. Interpol - Evil
73. Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease
74. The Arch - Babsi Ist Tot
75. Peter Murphy - Cuts Me Up
76. Dave Ball - Sincerity
77. UV Pop - Serious
78. The Cold - Summernight
79. Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Alien Christ
80. Siouxsie And The Banshess - Into A Swan
81. Star Industry - Last Crusades
82. Pink Turns Blue - Walk Away
83. From Rocky Horror Picture Show - I’m Going Home

Die komplette Songliste findet ihr hier:

Songliste (noch nicht aktuallisiert)

After the sunset 06
"After The Sunset", 09.06.2006
Incubus Succubus - Wytches
The Clan Of Xymox - Jasmine & Roses
Sisters Of Mercy - No time to cry
Schwefel - Metropolis
Cardiacs - Is this life
Fields Of The Nephilim - Summerland (live)
Love Like Blood - Out of sight
The Cure - The walk
Joy Division - Transmission
Sex Gang Children - Dieche
Exedra - Death Disco
Fuzzbox - Love is the slug
Gun Club - Sex beat
ASP - Sing child
The Creatures - Exterminal angel
Virgin Prunes - Baby turns blue
Super Heroines - Children of the night
Murder & The Registry - Cupido
Bloody, Death And Sexy - Bloody rose
Christian Death - Romeo`s distress
Corpus Delicti - Absent friend
Jesus And Mary Jane - Happy when it rains
Belisha - Eyes that blaken
No More - Entrée tusienne
Cinema Strange - Nightfalls
Pink Turns Blue - Your master is calling
Swans - Power and sacrifice
Cold - Summernight
Swans Of Avon - Angel in trust
Sisters Of Mercy - Logic
Christian Death - Church of no return
Alien Sex Fiend - Stuff the turkey
Skeletal Familiy - So shure
Hazel O'Corner - Black man
Frank The Baptist - Signing off
Nosferatu - Savage kiss
Deep Eynde - Hoodoo
Libitina - Gothic people
Echo And The Bunnymen - People are strange
Days Of Sorrow - Wild World
The Doors - Riders on the storm
Brian Eno - Baby's on fire (live)
The Creepers - Baby's on fire
Velvet Underground - Run run run
Southern Death Cult - Moya
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Slowdive (live)
X-Mal Deutschland - Mondlicht
Malaria - Your turn to run
Bauhaus - The sanity assassin
1919 - Cry wolf
Shadow Project - Nightstalker
Mephisto Walz - Tangia
Danielle Dax - Fizzing human bomb
Siglo XX - 35 poems (live)
Altered States - Go to distance
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Hand of heart
Red Temple Spirit - Moonlight
Chameleons UK - In shreeds
The Wake - Control
Morrissey - Thirst in the gang to die
Soundtrack "Rocky Horror Picture Show" - I'm going home

All Our Yesterdays '06
"All Our Yesterdays", 25.05.2006
MDMA - Eyes wild open
Fair Sex - Hanging in Kareyth
Fields Of the Nephilim - New gold dawn
Mighty Sphincter - Hitler painted roses (w)
Scary Bitches - You`ll end up looking like the…
Plastic Betrand - Major Tom
Chris Braun Band - Chic & Elegant
Ideal - Berlin
King Kurt - Destination Zululand
Action Pact - Gothic Party Time
Super Heroines - Charing bars
Bloody, Dead And Sexy - Bloody roses
Shadow Project - Static Jesus
Christian Death - Tales of innocence
Mephisto Walz - Triple conflicts
Frank The Baptist - All the faces
Carcrash International - Paradise lost
Sisters Of Mercy - Nine while nine
Seraphim Shock - After dark
Play Dead - This side of heaven
1919 - Cry wolf
Cure - One hundred years
X-Mal Deutschland - Mondlicht
Bauhaus - Passion of lovers
Cult - Spiritwalker
Libitina - Gothic people
Skeletal Family - So shure
Talking Heads - Psycho killer (w)
Brian Eno - Baby's on fire (w)
Plastic Betrand - Tout petit la planéte
Frank Tovey - Ricky's hand
Invincible Spirits - Provoke you
Nichts - Auf Zeit (w)
Abwärts - Alkohol
Another Tale - Say good bye (w)
Peter Murphy - Cuts you up
House Of Love - Shine on
Dream Disciples - Babylon (w)
Frank The Baptist - Signing off (w)
Corpus Delicti - Saraband (w)
Caudia Pavonis - Dusk 'till dawn (w)
Cramps - Human fly (w)
Peter & The Test Tube Babies- The Jinxs
Dead Kennedys - California über alles
Plastic Bertrand - Ca plane pour moi
Spizzenergi - Soldier soldier (w)
Alien Sex Fiend - Hurrican fighter plan (w)
Sleeping Dogs Wake - This little Piggy
Danielle Dax - Cat people (w)
Incubus Succubus - Spellbound
Love Like Blood - Out of sight
Fields Of The Nephilim - Watchman
And Also The Trees - Belief in rose
Pink Turns Blue - Catholic Sunday
Depeche Mode - If you want (live) (w)
Malaise - The killing words
Children On Stun - Sidelined (w)
Every New Dead Ghost - Miranda (w)
Murder At The Registry - Cupido
Chameleons UK - In shreeds (w)
Theatre Of Hate - Original sin
Joy Division - These days (w)
Belisha - Eyes that blacken
Killer Babies & Bela B. - Candy
Einstürzende Neubauten - ½ Mensch (w)
Rocky Horror Picture Show "Soundtrack" -
I'm going home

(w) - Wunsch